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Modern Trends In Children's Denim Fashion

Modern Trends In Children's Denim Fashion


How did we get used to jeans!  And who would have thought that the clothes of lumberjacks, cowboys and gold miners would become so popular and in demand.


Moreover, it smoothly migrates first to the category of fashionable clothes for adults, and later to a children's wardrobe, turning into stylish trousers, jackets and skirts ... Fantastic!


And that, of course, is great. After all, more durable and practical clothes can’t be found.


The Teeny Bumps brand offers a new children's collection, in which there is everything that young fashionistas may need.  All things are pretty versatile and incredibly stylish.  But more about that later, and first about how denim things appeared and how they conquered the world.


History of jeans 


How could one suggest that the clothes of brutal guys will conquer the hearts of people around the world and eventually lose their workwear status?  The appearance of the first jeans is associated with the name of the Jewish emigrant Levi Strauss.  It was he who dared and began to sew canvas overalls for America's gold diggers at the end of the 19th century.  True, at first they were brown in color and only vaguely resembled that pleasant denim that we wear now.  Those trousers were more like tarps.


Strauss's collaboration with Nevada tailor Jacob Lewis (incidentally, the idea of ​​fastening pockets with rivets belongs to him) contributed to the development of the jeans industry.  Competitors and imitators appeared, and jeans began a march around the world.  In Europe, canvas, but already blue, was imported from the city of Nimes, hence the name denim.  But the word “jean” is associated with the city of Genoa, from where the canvas was delivered to different parts of the world.


It became especially popular during the Second World War: even then for American soldiers, denim became a part of the uniform.

And in the wake of Hollywood movies about cowboys flaunting in such pants, denim became more and more popular among the civilian population.

Later the hippie culture picked up the idea.  The irony of fate ... The clothes of cowboys and the military have won the favor of so convinced pacifists.  Be that as it may, over time, jeans have become the subject of an everyday costume for millions of people, and now almost everyone wears them.


Manufacturers from all over the world popularized jeans, releasing new collections, spreading new looks and never ceasing to experiment.  Not only over the styles, but also over the composition.  After all, jeans in their pure form are dense and solid fabric, so they began to add elastane or lycra to it.  This did not spoil the material at all, moreover, the products became more practical to care for and more comfortable to wear.  And who knows, if not for this step, would jeans become so popular?

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Season trend


For more than half a century, jeans have not lost their relevance.  In the world of children's fashion, material has also taken root, and kids wear it with no less pleasure than adults.  And the brands that produce children's clothing, consistently and regularly produce jeans collections.  Interestingly, these are far from always children's pink-ruffle products.  In some, trends in adult fashion are quite traceable.


What jeans are fashionable this season?  What exactly can please children?  The following trend items are moved from store shelves to shelves of children's cabinets:


Ripped jeans.  Yes, from the world of adult fashion this trend made its way to the nursery as well.  And how cuts and holes in clothes for kids look great!  This is just an unconditional must-have.

Sundresses.  Straight cut, no frills, they create an excellent casual bow in the company of a white T-shirt and sneaker.  Girls definitely appreciate such things.

Shorts.  They are so stylish that they can be worn not only on warm days, but also with tights and boots on colder ones.  It looks incredibly stylish.

Skirts.  Cute short denim skirts are so relevant this season, like no other.  Miniskirts harmoniously complement the completely girlish decor, but without any frills.  Discreet, but stylish.

Semi-overalls.  How good they look in children, regardless of gender!  Very convenient things that do not constrain movements, allowing you to move freely, carry treasures in the vast pockets.  Just a find.  And all this is a base that can and should be supplemented with a wide variety of things and accessories.


Today these things are in fashion, tomorrow the trends will be different.  But what unites the collections is durability, quality and comfortable fit.  And the children in them always look fashionable.  Do such things not deserve to be constantly replenished with a wardrobe?



Pants - all kinds of models for boys and girls will perfectly replenish the wardrobe of kids and come in handy for everyday wear, and will be able to complement an elegant bow.  We offer jeans in various variations: classic or lightweight denim, with inserts or on the belt, standard length or shortened.


What is especially pleasing, these things can simply fit perfectly into any kit: for a walk or for a game, for visiting and school, for a picnic or in a library.  Basic things can be supplemented with anything, and elegant ones will become the highlight of the bow.  It seems that there is no wardrobe item that would not be combined with a denim.  Is that a magnificent tulle dress ... Although there may be options!


Children's jeans have become classics and the basis of the wardrobe of young kids, and they should definitely have a place in the children's closet.  Jeans will help out in times when it seems that there is absolutely nothing to put on a child.  You take a white T-shirt or sweater - and voila, the style ready!  The child will look modern and feel one hundred percent.  And we will do our best to make Teeny Bumps collections happy with fresh ideas every year.


Children's jeans Teeny Bumps collection


Teeny Bumps brand keeps kids in stylish and comfortable denim, maintaining a democratic pricing policy.

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