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Portable Manual Breast Pump

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Product name: Simple breast pump (7-shaped style) Material: TPR (new environmental protection material) + brand new PP material

Features: The breastshield is made of safe material PP, does not contain bisphenol A, has high strength, is not easy to break, can be boiled and disinfected, and is safe and reliable.

Instructions: Before use, please remove the suction ball (the suction ball can not be boiled), clean the breast shield, and put it in water to boil and disinfect for 3 to 5 minutes, and dry it for later use. Wipe the nipple with clean gauze and warm water to prevent breast blockage. Squeeze the suction ball, align the mouth of the breast with the breast and press it tightly, with the protruding part of the breast cup facing down, slowly relax your fingers, and you can suck out the milk. Each time the milk drawn is poured into other containers before the second operation. Avoid sucking milk into the suction ball during use. Squeeze the breast with one hand and operate the breast pump with the other to increase the efficiency of suction!

Milking tips

Step 1: Spiral massage and hot compress from outside to inside. Use the power of your fingertips and tiger’s mouth to massage your breasts in a spiral way from the outside Massage inward to the nipple.

Step 2: Use disinfectant cotton to wipe and clean the nipple. Use a disinfectant wipe to clean the nipples to ensure that the nipples feel hygienic, and then Feed your baby with a bra or use a breast pump to extract breast milk.

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Portable Manual Breast Pump

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